First, students master basic concepts through a systematic study of phonological awareness, phonics, syllable types, and sight words. At a more advanced level, study of the Latin and Greek roots of our language helps students increase reading speed, vocabulary, and comprehension. 

A quality Orton-Gillingham lesson is generally:



Lessons are customized for each student's current level and focus on each student's unique learning style.



Lessons are highly focused on specific skills at the student's instructional level.


Directly taught

Students are taught in a clear, explicit fashion. They are never expected to guess about skills or concepts they haven't yet learned.



Students simultaneously use many senses (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile) to powerfully reinforce new concepts.



Each lesson is taught in a predictable way and linked to previous knowledge whenever possible so that students feel comfortable with the presentation of new material.


Previously-learned skills are constantly reinforced through review so they are not forgotten.