Making the Most of Study Time

While it’s true that some students manage to absorb their lessons and ace their tests without the slightest struggle, most students must learn to manage their time and study habits effectively in order to bring home grades that reflect their best effort. The habits of successful students aren’t complicated – they only need consistent and thoughtful application. The following tips will help you develop better study habits for better grades. 

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Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities

Teachers or parents are often the first to notice reading problems in students. Most of the time, appropriate help is readily available at school. However, there are other issues that may cause students to struggle at school. Because these issues are not as well-known, they may be overlooked. Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities fall into this category. 

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Can Gifted Students Have Dyslexia?

Q: Can a student be both gifted -- and have dyslexia?

A: Yes. These are sometimes called "Twice Exceptional" students. The author of the article featured at the following link makes the important assertion that although it may be challenging to accomplish, "for gifted students who also have dyslexia, it is important to advocate with equal energy for both the disability and the ability."

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Gifted and Dyslexic: Identifying and Instructing the 
Twice Exceptional Student


Studying for Tests: Strategies for Avoiding Last Minute Panic

          Panic. Anxiety. Worry. Resignation.  Perhaps you spend the few days leading up to a test in a state of fear. Or maybe you spend that time calmly expecting the worst. You may still have uncompleted assignments, notes to review, concepts to master – and you might feel like the task of preparing for an upcoming test is just too big. Early preparation can be key in changing your approach to tests, and the test's outcome -- for the better!

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